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Medicaid Qualification

Medicaid estate planning and qualification is essential for so many families as they plan for their future care as well as the care of their loved ones. Unfortunately, the Medicaid laws were not written to make it easy for an individual to protect their assets and still qualify for Medicaid. Even worse, we see people every day who were given incorrect information and consequently they have severely lessened their ability to protect their assets in the event they will require long-term care. However, the good news is that we can help you protect your family’s assets while still qualifying for Medicaid long term care benefits.  We know the Medicaid system and we stay up-to-date on the constantly changing Medicaid laws and regulations. With proper planning, we will navigate your family through the qualification process to ensure your family is able to retain the assets you have worked a lifetime to provide.

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Medicaid Qualifications

Medicaid ComplIAnt Trusts

One of the most reliable ways to protect your assets and provide for the cost of nursing home care is to create a Medicaid-compliant trust. In many ways, this is an invaluable tool for Medicaid planning, allowing earlier qualification for Medicaid benefits. Additionally, the assets placed in a Medicaid trust can provide for needed care more quickly, all without causing a disqualification from Medicaid benefits. With our extensive training and years of experience, we can help you determine whether a Medicaid trust is the best approach for your situation and, if appropriate, help you establish a Medicaid trust that meets your needs.

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Other Medicaid Techniques

In most situations, the Medicaid trust is only applicable when planned out well in advance. However, there are some cases in which our clients did not have the opportunity to plan, so short-term solutions are more appropriate, particularly when our clients are in “crisis” mode. We can help you in a wide range of Medicaid planning matters, no matter the timing.

Medicaid Techniques

Spend-Down Planning

Because transferring assets can negatively impact your qualification for Medicaid, you may need to “spend down” your assets. The Medicaid rules and regulations pertaining to disposing of assets are complex.  Our team can help you with spend-down planning in a way that will minimize your loss of resources and ensure that you qualify for Medicaid as quickly as possible.

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Medicaid Techniques

Crisis Planning

When a crisis arises that requires you or a loved one to enter a long-term health care facility without adequate preparation time, quick and aggressive intervention is necessary. We can help you get everything in place efficiently, so you qualify for the assistance you need as quickly as possible.

Medicaid Techniques

Pre-Crisis Planning

Although not always feasible, we like to work as far in advance as possible to protect our clients’ finances in the face of any potential crisis. With a thorough, well-conceived estate plan, such as a Medicaid compliant trust, our team can help you prepare for the unexpected.

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