A lot of people think that estate planning is not for them because they know how many children they have and they presume that their children will just share everything equally when they (the parents) pass away.  However, this is not always the case.  Your heirs are not determined until the date of your death.  So even if you believe that your child-bearing years are over, it is possible for you to have additional heirs that you did not contemplate at the time that you put together your estate plan.  For example, what if one of your children dies before you?  What happens to what you thought was going to go to them?  What if one of your children is in a car accident and sustains severe and disabling injuries? What if you have a grandchild born with disabilities?  Did you know they could be considered a “forced heir” under Louisiana law and entitled to a specified portion of your estate?  These are all unknown variables to be considered when implementing your estate plan.  With properly drafted estate planning documents, you can accommodate for unknowns such as these, to ensure that your property goes where you want it to go.